Straus Family Creamery

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Water Reuse System

We reuse water to irrigate our pastures

We reuse water

Making dairy products and keeping bottling, butter-making, yogurt-making and other equipment clean uses quite a bit of water. And we rinse, clean and sanitize reusable glass bottles at the creamery. Water is a very precious resource, so we don't just let it all go down the drain. We use a system that allows us to reuse all of the water from the creamery at the Straus dairy, where it is used to flush the barns, help with the generation of renewable energy through our methane digester, and for irrigation of pastures.

Water's journey

Every gallon of water the creamery uses has the same journey:   Fresh, clean water is combined with water that has been filtered from the milk used to make yogurt, through a process called reverse osmosis. It is then used to sanitize equipment. This waste water is captured and trucked to the dairy, a short distance away. The water is then used to flush out manure from the barns. Solids and liquids are separated and the liquids are then pumped into a methane digester, which is a big pond, covered with an enormous tarp. The methane digester generates energy that powers the entire dairy. We re-capture water from the pond and here is where we close the loop: Water from the pond is either reused to flush the barns again or is brought to pastures for irrigation.

Keeping our water clean

At Straus Family Creamery, we continually revise our production processes and implement new systems to minimize the impact on the environment. Because we use our waste water to irrigate the Straus dairy's pastures, we make sure that food-making processes at the creamery have positive impacts on the land.  At the creamery, we use an eco-friendly, potassium-based cleaning agent to avoid high concentrations of sodium in the water, because high levels of sodium are toxic to plants.

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