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Farmers’ Markets

Meet our team at year-round Bay Area markets

Visit us at North Bay farmers' markets year-round

As members of a strong, unique, family-farming community here in Northern California, we love buying produce directly from local, organic farms at farmers’ markets. So, we thought, why wouldn’t people from our community want to buy our organic dairy products there, as well? Farmers’ markets are important to us, because they play such an important role in the movement to preserve sustainable family farming and food production, which we have been part of for a long time. Plus, we enjoy meeting our customers face to face, to hear suggestions, feedback and to share recipes.

Visit us at North Bay Farmers' Markets Year-Round

Since 2010, Straus Family Creamery has been offering our Organic Cream-top Milk, Organic Yogurt, Organic Butter, Organic Sour Cream and Organic Ice Cream at Bay Area farmers’ markets.

Here is our farmers' market schedule:

  • Tuesdays - Petaluma  10am-1:30pm - Petaluma East Side Market - City Sports parking lot on South McDowell
  • Wednesdays - Santa Rosa 5pm-8:30pm - Wednesday Night Market - Downtown Santa Rosa (Seasonal market: May 4th - August 17th
  • Thursdays - San Rafael  8am-1pm - Agriculture Institute of Marin (AIM) Farmers Market - Marin Civic Center
  • Fridays - Sonoma 9am-1pm - Sonoma Certified Farmers Market – Depot Park
  • Saturdays - Santa Rosa 8:30am-1pm - Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market - Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
  • Sundays - San Rafael  8am-1pm - Agriculture Institute of Marin (AIM) Farmers Market - Marin Civic Center

If you have a chance to swing by one of these year-round markets, make sure to say "hello" to our food-savvy team at the Straus Family Creamery booth.