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Carpool Program

Reducing our carbon footprint.

In 2010, we moved our warehouse and administrative offices from the creamery in Marshall to Petaluma near Highway 101, to make it easier for distributors to pick up products and to reduce fossil-fuel use.

We noticed how full the creamery's parking lot still was, with many employees driving the same roundtrip route every day. We realized that we had a great carpool opportunity, since employees could now meet at the Petaluma warehouse and then carpool to Marshall together. Since 2011, we have given gas cards to employees who participate in this program, which has grown to an average of 14 participants.

Carpooling makes sense: It saves fuel, reduces our carbon footprint, and is safer for our employees. This program not only helps us reduce carbon emissions, but has also strengthened the relationships among our employees, which has proven to have a great impact on teamwork at Straus Family Creamery.

Here is what our employees achieved during 2011 with this program:

  • Average number of vehicles removed from the road per day: 9
  • Average number of participants in the program: 14
  • Total driving miles avoided in 2011: 110,424 miles
  • Gallons of gas saved in 2011: 5,042 gallons
  • Total GHG emissions saved in 2011: 44 metric tons CO2e