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Make Butter at Home

Make Butter at Home

Submitted by Straus Family Creamery

Here's a fun, easy project for kids and adults alike. We hope that you get the same great feeling we do from making homemade organic butter. You only need two simple things to do it.

Time required: 15 min.

Servings: 1


  • Straus Whipping Cream
  • A small (4-5 oz.) jar or plastic container with a lid that seals well.


Put a small amount of cream (about half an inch) into the container and shake well - for a while!

You'll be making three different things. Do you know what they are?

First the cream will be whipped into whipping cream. But if you keep on shaking, the whipping cream will start to separate into something solid and something liquid. The whitish liquid you see is sweet buttermilk (not sour like the one you get in the store) and the lumps that look like popcorn - are butter! You can drain off or drink the buttermilk. It tastes like sweet nonfat milk. And what you have left is a sweet cream butter. If you like, add salt, and spread it on a cracker or piece or bread.