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Homemade Dairy Projects

It's easier than you think... make your own butter and cheese at home. 

Homemade Dairy Projects
  • Queso Fresco »

    Submitted by Straus Family Creamery

    Time Required: 35 min. active

    Queso Blanco is a South American cheese that is similar to the Indian cheese, Panir. It makes a great cooking cheese because it absorbs flavors and does not melt, and you can make your own right at home! Full Recipe »

  • Make Yogurt at Home »

    Submitted by Straus Family Creamery

    Time Required: 25 min. active

    When you have a little extra milk, not enough yogurt, or are just curious about how we make our delicious organic yogurt at Straus, try making your own using this recipe. Full Recipe »

  • Make Butter at Home »

    Submitted by Straus Family Creamery

    Time Required: 15 min.

    Here's a fun, easy project for kids and adults alike. We hope that you get the same great feeling we do from making homemade-style organic butter. You only need two things to do it. Full Recipe »

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Product Tips & FAQ

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How do I keep my milk tasting fresh?

Don’t store your milk in the door of your fridge, always store it in the back – it’s colder there. The door is the warmest place in the fridge. Also, remember to give the bottle a good shake before each and every use. Learn more about fresh milk »