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Organic Vanilla Yogurt

organic wholesale vanilla yogurt

Organic Vanilla Yogurt, one of the simplest, most delicious flavors in Straus Family Creamery's organic dairy line, is preferred by many of our university and corporate customers as a breakfast, lunch, or snack option in their cafeterias.

Our Organic Vanilla Yogurt is cultured in stainless-steel vats and is made with Organic Whole Milk, four carefully selected live cultures, organic cane sugar and organic vanilla. These simple ingredients combine to make a delicious, creamy and smooth yogurt that pours right out of the container.

At Straus Family Creamery, we never use thickeners, stabilizers or gelatins in our yogurts, allowing for a silky and luscious mouth-feel.  Wholesale Vanilla Yogurt is also a great ingredient in baked goods,  desserts, smoothies or parfaits.

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Available in:

Organic Whole Milk and Organic Nonfat Yogurt: 25lb tubs or quart-sized containers



Chefs of Google's Food Team, Mountain View, CA

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s Food Team is committed to providing high quality, healthy and authentically prepared meals to its employees worldwide. The company proudly supports local, sustainable agriculture, buying as much as possible directly from farms and fisheries within 200 miles of its offices. Straus Family Creamery supplies frozen yogurt, yogurt and milk for Google's Mountain View campus cafes.