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Organic Barista Half & Half

organic wholesale half and half

Made with two simple ingredients, organic cream and organic milk.

Straus Family Creamery Organic Whipping Cream has about 35% fat, while our Organic Whole Milk has about 3.5% fat. Mixed together to result in a blend at 11% butterfat, Straus Family Creamery's wholesale Half & Half is rich and luxurious in coffee or as an ingredient in baking.




Available in:

Organic Half & Half: Half-gallon plastic bottle


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Product Tips & FAQ

Here are some product-relevant nuggets of good-to-know stuff.

How do I keep my milk tasting fresh?

Don’t store your milk in the door of your fridge, always store it in the back – it’s colder there. The door is the warmest place in the fridge. Also, remember to give the bottle a good shake before each and every use. Learn more about fresh milk »

What is Pasteurization?

What is Pasteurization?

Milk pasteurization is the process of heating raw milk to kill bacteria and reduce the possibility of food-borne illness. At Straus Family Creamery, we use a method called HTST (high-temperature, short-time) when we pasteurize our milk: 171°F for 18 seconds. We ensure all the benefits of pasteurization, while still keeping our milk tasting as flavorful as possible.