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Specialty & Wholesale Butter,

organic wholesale butter

We use about 160 gallons of Straus Family Creamery Organic Cream - and nothing else - to make one 500-pound batch of our Organic Unsalted Butter.

Named "One of the Top Premium Butters in America" by Food and Wine Magazine, Straus Family Creamery European-Style, Organic Butter is truly the chef’s butter -- rich, dense, and sweet in taste, with 85-87% butterfat and extremely low moisture levels. This butterfat level surpasses both the U.S. (80%) and European (82%) standards for butter.

In baking applications, Straus Family Creamery Organic Butter produces flaky pastry and has rich and nutty undertones. Pastry chefs who use Straus Family Creamery's Organic Butter report needing smaller quantities in their recipes than when they use other butters that have less butterfat and higher moisture levels.

Straus Family Creamery Organic Butter is made in our 1950s butter churn that we fill with fresh, sweet cream. This old-fashioned style of making butter takes a lot longer than butters that are made by large commercial dairy processors. It takes Straus Family Creamery about one week to make the same amount of butter that is made in one hour by a typical wholesale butter manufacturer.

Available in:

Organic European-Style Sweet Butter: 1# retail quarters, 20# blocks
European-Style Lightly Salted Butter: 1# retail quarters

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Product Tips & FAQ

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What makes Straus butter so different?

Straus butter has a butterfat content of 85-86%, that’s much higher than regular butter. It also means that the moisture levels are lower: It doesn’t burn as easily in the pan and it makes flakier crusts when used for baking. That’s why chefs love it so much. About this tip »

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