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SFC Statement Regarding Radiation

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Petaluma, March 31, 2011 - Straus Family Creamery, Statement Regarding Radiation



Thank you for expressing your concern to us about the potential threat of radiation in food. We are deeply saddened by the tragedy in Japan and are following news of the events closely. News of the higher than normal levels of radioactivity in spinach and milk at farms in Japan is very disturbing and shows just how connected our food systems are to everything. Recently, we heard that the World Health Organization has called Japan’s food safety situation “serious” since radiation was detected in milk and that the sale of milk has been banned in some locations in Japan. 

We take this information very seriously and have been looking into ways to ensure the health and safety of our products. On Sunday, March 20, Howard Backer, interim director of the California Department of Public Health stated that “California officials will screen milk produced in the state for signs of radiation contamination transmitted by grass-eating cows.” Additionally, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stations that monitor the levels of radiation throughout the country. The nearest station to us is in San Francisco, around 50 miles south of our farms. The monitors show that levels of radiation since Japan’s disasters are “thousands of times below any conservative level of concern.

On March 30, the AP reported that low levels of radiation turned up in a sample of milk in Washington State.  According to the FDA, the radiation detected is 5,000 times below levels of concern, including levels set for infants and children. You can read the AP report here. We will continue to monitor the best science for any possible threats.

Please know that it is part of our mission to provide products that are healthy and safe; we would not produce food that did not meet that criteria. However, we want you to be able to make an informed decision for yourself based on the facts. Below, please find links to information we have used to assess the threat and current state of radiation levels in the US:

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Warm regards,
Albert Straus
Straus Family Creamery