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Gently Pasteurized Milk

The process of pasteurization was invented by Louis Pasteur, who discovered that spoilage organisms could be inactivated (in wine) by applying heat at temperatures below  boiling point. Pasteurization was later applied to milk and remains the most important step in the processing of milk.

How is our Organic Milk pasteurized?

We treat our milk very gently, so its naturally fresh taste is preserved. Because of our unique location on the coast of Northern California, we want to retain the special taste that comes from the sweet grasses covering our hillsides in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Our Organic Milk is pasteurized using the High Temperature Short Time (HTST) method. Raw milk is heated at 171 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 seconds and then is immediately cooled to 40°F. The benefit of this type of pasteurization, which destroys all bacteria that are harmful to health, is that it keeps our product as fresh-tasting and flavorful as possible.

At Straus Family Creamery, we say no to ultra-pasteurization

Most milk products on supermarket shelves are Ultra-Pasteurized (UP), to increase shelf life. This method requires, milk to be heated to or above 280°F for at least two seconds. Ultra-Pasteurization is not used at Straus Family Creamery because we think it is overprocessing that has a negative impact on flavor. The brilliance of Pasteur was his discovery that pathogens in milk could be destroyed by heating it below the boiling point. We choose preserving flavor, quality and the nature of our Organic Milk over radically increasing its shelf life.