Straus Family Creamery

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Artisan Butter Making

How we make butter

At Straus Family Creamery we still make our butter in a "batch churn", an old-fashioned butter churn from the 1950s that we fill with fresh, sweet cream. The cream is spun in the churn until the fat molecules stick together, creating butter. Once the butter pieces get to the size of a pea, the buttermilk, which is the liquid byproduct of butter making, is drained. 

Named "One of the Top Premium Butters in America" by Food and Wine Magazine, Straus Family Creamery European-Style Organic Butter is truly the chef’s butter -- rich, dense, and sweet in taste, with 85-87% butterfat and extremely low moisture levels. This butterfat level surpasses both the U.S. (80%) and European (82%) standards for butter. With lower moisture, baking results in flakier pastry that rises higher and browns more evenly. It also doesn't burn as easily as other butters.

We use about 160 gallons of organic cream, and nothing else, to make one 500-pound batch of our organic butter. It takes us about one week to make the same amount of butter that large, commercial dairy processors make in an hour. At most large, commercial butter plants, butter is extruded by forcing cream through a fine filter. This method called "continuous churn" can process up to 22,000 lbs. of butter in an hour.