Straus Family Creamery

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Field to Bottle

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Everything at Straus Family Creamery begins on the Northern California coast, where mild, coastal climate, sweet pasture grasses, sustainable farming and artisan dairy craft come together. It is on the beautiful hillsides of Marin and Sonoma Counties where our pasture-fed cows graze and the authentic Straus Family Creamery flavor originates.


Because we are an organic dairy and an organic creamery, we are able to implement our standards of quality and environmental sustainability at every step from field to bottle:


Sweet Coastal Grasses
Fertile soil, mild, coastal climate and fresh marine air -- our California dairy cows love eating sweet grasses out at Tomales Bay.

Sweet Coastal Grasses>>


Organic Farm Practices
Certified organic milk comes from organic cows. It is our philosophy to abide by stringent organic standards.

Organic Farm Practices>>


Artisan Dairy Craft
We start with our certified organic milk, carefully develop our recipes, and craft organic dairy products that are truly unique in flavor.

Artisan Dairy Craft>>