Straus Family Creamery

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Our Organic Creamery

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    About 75 employees process approx. 10,000 gallons of milk per day.

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    We make as much butter in a week as other commercial producers make in an hour.

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    Our milk trucks drop off milk in the wee hours of the morning.

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    Our Cream-Top, Organic Milk is coming off the bottling line.

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    Your yogurt is slowly cultured and set in large stainless steel vats.

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The organic creamery is where we make all of our delicious, organic dairy products. 

It is not entirely clear if it was Albert Straus’s desire to extend his pioneering, sustainability practices from his dairy farm to his own new dairy brand or if it was his love for ice cream that made him open the organic creamery in 1994. Most likely it was a little of both. At the creamery, only a few miles from the Straus dairy in Marshall, we bottle our Organic, Cream-Top Milk in reusable glass bottles, make European-Style, Organic Yogurt and Butter, slowly culture our Organic Sour Cream, vat-set our European-style, Organic Yogurt and create the most delectable, Organic Ice Creams.

Approximately 100 employees process an average of 14,000 gallons of milk per day that comes from the Straus dairy and seven other organic, family farms in coastal Marin and Sonoma Counties. You’ll find many large stainless steel vats here – we use them to make our European-style yogurt. Not sure what European-style is? It means that we heat and culture our yogurt in a slow, vat-set process with no thickeners or stabilizers. This gives our yogurt a particularly smooth and creamy texture.

Our old-fashioned butter churn from the 1950s puts out about as much organic butter in a week as other commercial facilities produce in an hour. But, it’s well worth the difference in taste and texture it makes. The result is a butter that is significantly higher in butterfat (85-87%) and lower in moisture than most other brands. It tastes so good and clean and it doesn’t burn as easily in the pan. Many Bay Area chefs and bakers prefer it for all those reasons, too.

What does sustainability mean to us in our processing facility? One example is that equipment-cleaning solutions used at the creamery are potassium based, not sodium based.  We do that because we collect all the wastewater at the creamery and re-use all of it at the Straus dairy for irrigation. We also conduct wastewater audits and continuously work on reducing it.