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Mazzetta Dairy

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    Ken & Nancy Mazzetta at their ranch in West Sonoma County

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    Organic dairy cows at the Mazzetta Dairy

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    Nestled into rolling hills is the Mazzetta Dairy

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    Organic red Holstein cow at the Mazzetta Dairy

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One of the newer members in the group of family-farm milk producers for Straus Family Creamery is the Mazzetta Dairy. Owned by Ken and Nancy Mazzetta, their certified organic dairy has approximately 170 milking cows on 485 acres of rolling hills in West Sonoma County. Half of the herd consists of Holstein cows and the other half is Jersey-Holstein cross-breeds.


Ken Mazzetta was a very young boy when his parents fulfilled their dream to become Marin County dairy farmers in 1959, with a herd of 250 milking cows. Inspired, Ken followed in their footsteps and started managing an additional farm, which the family purchased in West Petaluma, when he was only 19 years old. He has remained there ever since. Today he and his wife Nancy own the Mazzetta Dairy, where they have raised their two daughters. Just like his parents did decades ago, Ken plans to build up his new, organic herd to 250 milking cows.

Working with Straus Family Creamery

In the fall of 2011, Ken and Nancy Mazzetta first started to explore the idea of going organic. It was during that time when we at Straus Family Creamery started reaching out to local ranchers, in search of an additional milk supplier. Growing demand for organic dairy products, such as organic ice cream, organic yogurt and organic butter, enabled us to seek an expansion of the Straus Family Creamery group of certified organic dairy suppliers to a total of five.

The Mazzettas had not been using chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their land for five years. Selling off their conventional herd to buy a new, organic one seemed like a good option. Albert Straus assisted with the transition and the Mazzetta Dairy became fully certified under the QAI organic label in the spring of 2012. All family-farm milk suppliers to Straus Family Creamery are verified Non-GMO, and the Mazzetta Dairy has fulfilled all requirements to be covered under the Non-GMO Project Verification seal.