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Correia Family Farm

The Correia Family Dairy is owned by Kathy and Emanuel Correia and officially joined Straus Family Creamery as a family-farm supplier in July 2010. Located in Petaluma, California, their land has been used for dairy since the 1900s. Their organic herd consists of approximately 300 Holstein milking cows that graze on 300 acres of pasture. Their award-winning organic milk is one of the finest and highest in quality in the county.


Kathy was born into the dairy business of her parents, Joe and Arminda Pinheiro in Santa Rosa, CA. Emanuel emigrated to the United States in 1974, from San Miguel in the Azores islands of Portugal. After marrying Kathy in 1982, he began his career in the dairy business working at Kathy’s parents’ dairy. In 1994, they decided that it was time to branch out on their own, so they acquired their own 120-cow herd from Louie Mazzoleni in Sebastopol and leased the dairy in Petaluma. In 2009, Emanuel and Kathy bought the dairy - it was a dream come true.

Working with Straus Family Creamery

Struggling with the drop in conventional dairy prices brought on by large-scale industrial dairy farming competitors, the Correias were encouraged by their friend Joe Tresch, another Straus Family Creamery supplier, to consider converting their operation to organic. Since they were already using many organic and sustainable practices, the conversion itself was a natural transition. In 2007, they converted half of their herd to organic and by 2010, the conversion to 100% organic was complete and they joined the Straus Family Creamery's group of local, organic producers. 

The partnership with Straus Family Creamery is an ideal fit for the Correias, who not only share the Straus Family Creamery’s commitment to sustainable farming, but now have a ready market for their growing output of high-quality organic milk.