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@Homebrewchef blackberry milkshake with our vanilla bean ice cream, sounds amazing! We appreciate your support!
@bigskydreams So glad you are enjoying our Brown Sugar Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips! Appreciate the support. Enjoy!
@CentsAbleShopn Thank you! So glad you are enjoying our organic milk and are able to find it at @sproutsfm - appreciate the support
@SavvyinSanFran Wow, looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!
@SproutsCooking Glad you and the kiddos are enjoying our products! We are very proud to support such a wonderful organization!
@WildTorah Thanks! We're so grateful for your support.
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@loveandsaltla Looks delicious. Thank you for sharing!
@SantaRosaFrmMkt So glad you like it. Thanks for showing your support!
  • Organic Eggnog

    Organic Eggnog

    A favorite for the holiday season, our old-fashioned eggnog is made with simple organic ingredients and finished with a touch of organic nutmeg.

    More info
  • NuScoop Dutch Chocolate

    Organic NuScoop

    NEW FROM OUR CREAMERY! NuScoop is a nutritionally enhanced ice cream with ½ the fat of our regular ice cream, higher protein and 25 essential…

    More info
  • Organic Whole Milk, Cream-Top

    Organic Whole Milk

    This is milk the way it used to be -- with the cream on the top in a reusable glass bottle.

    More info
  • Organic Whipping Cream

    Organic Whipping Cream

    Close in flavor to the cream bottled by small dairies in Europe, our Organic Whipping Cream is pure and simple with no added stabilizers.

    More info
  • Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    We brought this most traditional ice-cream flavor back to the basics and to perfection.

    More info
  • Organic Greek Plain Yogurt

    Organic Greek Yogurt

    Our Organic Greek Yogurt has melt-in-your-mouth, authentic, Straus Family Creamery flavor in every creamy bite.

    More info
  • Organic Plain Yogurt

    Organic Plain Yogurt

    Made only with Organic Whole Milk and live cultures. No thickeners or additives are ever used.

    More info
  • European-Style Organic Salted Butter

    Lightly Salted Butter

    Rich, sweet and creamy, with 85% butterfat content and extremely low moisture levels.

    More info
  • Organic Blueberry-Pomegranate Yogurt

    Blueberry Pomegranate Yogurt

    One of our newest flavors! We added organic pomegranate to this delicious organic blueberry yogurt.

    More info
  • Organic Sour Cream

    Organic Sour Cream

    Made with only three ingredients, our Organic Sour Cream is slowly cultured, using a traditional 16-hour process.

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Find where Straus is...

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